Welcome to Laura Viera’s virtual Atelier although, you can find me in person at Madrid in Fernano VI, 8. This will not be another About like all the About of all the webs. This About Us is written by me, Laura Jimenez, as a virtual letter for you to be inspired, believe in yourself and also, for you know a little more about the brand; and how it all started.

Laura Viera was born in Shanghai. There where dreams, with hard work, persistence, and dedication come true. But first of all, let me start at the beginning.

I am from Seville but a few years ago I moved to Barcelona to work in one of the best known fashion multinationals in the world. I was there for years working and, little by little, I grew upward. Then they transferred me to Shanghai. A city of a thousand colors, tall buildings and very urban. Something like New York but, in Asia. I’ve always been a cities fan.

There, I learned that you have to have faith. In you and in your project. In Shanghai, everyone is capable of starting their own business. Because they believe in it and in themselves. That makes them excited about something. When I could, I walked around the city and in every corner of it, I discovered a different fashion brand. And behind, there was a textile market with small independent workshops inside. Or entire buildings just for zippers or buttons. So, I started creating my own designs for myself in those workshops and in the end, I ended up creating my own clothing mini collection. All of this was pure inspiration and craftsmanship.

This inspiration was what led me to create my first collection for Laura Viera, my brand. All the fabrics I used were from Shanghai; it was very special for me to capture part of Shanghai in Milagros. To Spain, I not only brought fabrics like silk but also the way of working with them; At Laura Viera, we have streamlined all the design and production processes of each of the garments; and of course, persistence to achieve your dreams. So, I thought: Well, these can only come true if you believe in them, but from the heart.

There, the style was very minimal and natural. I even blended in with the environment. They have no prejudices with their aesthetics and they are very free. The girls wore a lot of lace, trimmings and embroidery. And my creativity took off when I started specializing in bridal design. I wanted to squizz my creativity with different patterns and fabrics, creating collections that told stories. Our stories.

And that was when Laura Viera began to take shape. I wanted to tell stories. Real and beautiful stories about ourselves. About believing in us. And for that, I had to break with everything I believed in and that, until now had been understood as Brides. Change with the way we dress for the wedding day. Without characterizing ourselves. Being natural and ourselves. And make that day last for a lifetime. I wanted you to be able to dress today, tomorrow and the day after with Laura Viera. Bridal designs for non-brides. Something that would last a lifetime, like believing in yourself. My brand has a little bit of Shanghai in its DNA and another little bit of me.

Laura Viera is for everyone who dreams, who believes in herself, who goes for it. From here and from there.

In the end, Laura Viera traveled from Shanghai to Spain and grew up in Madrid on Calle Fernando VI. I resigned from the multinational and opted for Laura. Because Laura Viera there are many of us, and sometimes we need a push. To chase your dreams is never too late.

I wait for you in my little Atelier with a view to your future self.

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